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We all experience a time in life when healing seems impossible. You may be wondering:

"Will I always feel this way?"

"Will life always be this way?"

Therapy helps you gain powerful new tools that use your own strengths to create a better life.  New ways of thinking and making decisions can help you improve your mood or cease harmful habits. Understanding your own needs and feelings can help you build a stronger family, or feel relief after trauma. Having hope for the future is believing in yourself!


in a better future!


Tools to Help You Grow

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy


"“To say that Natasha has “helped me” in my journey is a wild understatement. Therapy with Natasha transformed my life! She gave me the support, clarity, and practical tools I needed to get through the darkest season of my struggle with depression, anxiety, OCD, and trauma. Natasha is brilliant, compassionate, and so incredibly skilled as a counselor. I can’t recommend her services enough!”

- Jennifer

About Individual Therapy

The past year has been difficult for everyone for many different reasons. (Read More)

Whether you are feeling deep sadness due to loss, or a traumatic experience, or just lack the energy and motivation to get through the day, speaking with a therapist can help in surprising ways.

If you are an immigrant or from an immigrant family, adjusting to a new culture may be full of anxiety or family conflict. You may not be sleeping well, lose your temper a lot with your kids, or not know how to speak openly about important issues.

In individual therapy, you and I will form a team, creating a relationship built on trust, and collaborate together to meet your needs. Rather than an expert who tells you exactly what to do, I consider myself to be a coach, helping to suggest new paths and supporting your journey, without taking away your power or choice.  I am along for the ride, during the ups and downs of life’s many challenges. Our time together will create a place where you feel safe, understood, and accepted.

“I have been working with Natasha for several years and to see my own growth mentally is awesome!  She is a great therapist!”

- Yesenia

Family Therapy

“As someone who is soft-spoken in my family, Natasha always encouraged me to speak out.  She is fun and creative in her tactics, always creating a safe space for my family to realize that my voice is important too.  She’s helped my family so much individually and as a whole, but she doesn’t take the reigns completely.  Eventually she let us put the puzzle pieces together on our own.  Best part is, my family and I still use even the smallest lessons learned.”


- Stephanie


About Family Therapy

Family therapy is an extension or next step from individual therapy. (Read More)

Family therapy is a tool that we can use to help you continue to overcome personal struggles with the help of the people you are around most often.  If you see me as an individual client, and we agree that your family has an important role in your therapy goals and wellness, then we will talk about including family therapy in your treatment plan. After we have built a strong relationship and you have made some progress on your own, family members (a parent, sibling, adult child or romantic partner) can participate in sessions to help support you, while the focus remains on your needs. 


Sessions are collaborated between you, your family, and me.  Depending on the therapist recommendations and the family needs, some sessions will be with you only, some with one family member, and some with all family members. This can be a powerful way to see the situation in a new light and ensure that the entire family has the skills and understanding to support each other.

“Growing up I was always nervous, anxious, and insecure. After meeting and working with Natasha my life has completely flipped upside down, in the best way possible. She is caring and invests herself into her clients and their families. She has shown me how to find the best in myself and others around me. Applying everything that Natasha has taught me has made a world of difference in my relationships, including the one with myself, my friends, and especially my family. Without the help of Natasha, I do not know where I would be right now”  - Jason

Family Therapy

Group Therapy


“As much as I was terrified to go to therapy with 5 other people, it only took one session for me to realize that this was going to be something I really needed.  It was not only helpful with the lessons learned, but in growing with my peers.  Natasha is incredible at reading the room and creating a calm atmosphere and adapted to each of our learning styles.  Two main things I took from these sessions was that I’m not alone and it’s okay to be vulnerable with people who care.”


- Dina

About Group Therapy

One of the most healing realizations for anyone in pain, is understanding that

you are not alone. (Read More)

Having a sense of safety and mutual encouragement is what group therapy helps create. After we have made some progress on your goals and needs one-on-one, I can include you in a small group of individuals with similar needs so that you can support each other and practice the same new skills you are working on individually.

I provide a variety of groups that include social skills for elementary school kids, psychotherapy groups for middle and high schoolers, parenting groups, and more.

“Working in a group setting with Natasha really helped to push me in a more positive direction. Being able to share your struggles with both a therapist and peers is a freeing experience. I even began to look forward to group therapy once I saw how well it was going.”   - Rachel

Group Therapy

Are you ready to take the first step towards a better future?

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