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Though I love seeing clients in-person, I am grateful that I can keep everyone safe from COVID-19 and provide high-quality therapy, using technology that almost all of us have on our phones. Avoiding travel can also save a lot of time for our busy and hard-working community!


I have been using teletherapy effectively for over a year, and the experience is very similar to meeting with me in my Pettigru Office, (except for the occasional visit from my dog Petey, who pops up on screen to say hello). If you have more questions about teletherapy, or our office's COVID-19 policies, read more on the FAQs page.

My tele-health platform is called "Simple Practice." I'll send you an email link that you can click on just before our appointment.

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 10_edited.png
Young Man
This is the Simple Practice "waiting room."
Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 10_edited_edit
Woman at Home_edited.jpg
It will show you how you will look on screen.
Two women talking in telehealth session.
Online Discussion_edited_edited.png
Choose from several different screen views.
Sometimes I have a special visitor, but he is very discreet & keeps everything confidential.

How will teletherapy enrich your life?
Schedule an appointment, today!

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