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A place     to learn about mental health             &    wellness, just for you!

 Your Companion

  in Healing

Welcome to a place where you can feel safe. You may have found your way here because your heart and mind don’t feel right anymore, and you need to find out what’s going on. Or perhaps you are worried for a loved one, and want to know what treatment options are available. But there is so much information and so much to learn! Often, it isn’t easy for us as Hispanics to talk freely and comfortably about these issues - you may be here because you are seeking help alone.

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I created this blog for you. I want you to find information about symptoms, treatment, and therapists. I want to remove barriers and stigma that might prevent you from getting the support you need. I want to help our entire community to understand the unique pains of being immigrants, raising a bicultural family, or feeling culturally isolated. I want to raise awareness and motivate us to heal by growing side-by-side.

      How do I make a comment on your posts?

Not accepting comments on my blog was a tough choice. I want my readers to be able to interact and feel like a part of a community. However, comments are hard to regulate, and not everyone makes comments with the feelings of others in mind. Comments can be triggering or upsetting for some readers, and that doesn’t serve my mission of creating a safe space to learn.

If you read one of my posts and have feedback, an important question, or a story to share, please send me a message here. I would be happy to reply to you directly, and perhaps even share our conversation as a blog post, with your permission.

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